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TIMELESS is Coré’s most recent CD project, (currently in production but long-ago contemplated). Timeless will display original and re-arranged music that is and remains musically and lyrically relevant in and throughout all eras. The recordings will include multiple theme-based volumes including spoken word presentations relevant to each volume. Volumes currently in production include:

Volume I: Timeless: Romance
Volume II-Timeless: Serenity (Featuring Sisters Cotton)
Volume III-Timeless: Sass

Additional volumes, based on creative vision and customer feedback, will follow.
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A WOMAN EVOLVES is an hour and a half motivational presentation of song and monologue arranged, written and performed by Core’. An Inspirational Vignette of Coré’s reverie of her experiences of coming into womanhood as an African-American. A Woman Evolves takes you along a journey of past~~remembering the many great women in history; present~~merging into one career a dream of becoming a lawyer and a passion for music; future~~a message of self-empowerment through education and experience.

THE POWER OF A MADE-UP MIND is a motivational presentation, targeting our youth and/or the challenges stemming from our youth. This presentation addresses issues and questions regarding self-esteem, emotional maturity and coping with the pressures of school and life in general. It is a message for parents, educators, community leaders and youth. Cotton believes that reaching a child wherever he or she is in life is essential and that it is a community affair. Everyone plays a vital role: parents as primary educators; teachers as secondary educators; and community leaders as an extended support system. Recognizing that capturing a person’s attention is often a prerequisite to effective communication, Cotton uses the world’s most universal language as a tool to reach the youth. Educators concede and statists have shown that music has the capacity to reach young people where educators, community leaders and even parents sometime fail. The five basic steps she utilizes in her presentation are:
1) Laying a solid foundation;
2) Practicing responsible goal-setting;
3) Implementing periodic “mind checks”;
4) Removing prohibitive limitations;
5) and Performing regular maintenance.

SISTERS COTTON & FAMILY SHOW consists of two 45 minute sets of jazz, R&B, blues, gospel, and show tunes. A portrayal of their sensational talent depicted through the unique performance of the music of life. Songs which evoke movement, feeling, and motivates people to reflect on things past; present; and future~~things to come.

CUSTOMIZED SONGS OR PRODUCTIONS: KoCo will write original songs or re-arrange cover songs (subject to requestor obtaining all applicable third-party licensing) for your special event including, weddings, births, anniversaries, graduations, etc. KoCo will also write and/or direct plays and other theatrical productions for your church, community, civic or corporate events.
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